(Carbon Dioxide) CO2 Gas Controllers

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) & CO2 - O2 Gas Controller Solutions

Carbon Dioxide CO2 Gas Controller Systems

A wide variety of cell systems, require a closely controlled CO2 concentration to maintain cell viability over extended periods. While it is possible to use 5% CO2 cylinders, these are expensive, bulky and provide limited flexibility in terms of the CO2 concentration range possible. Put simply 5% CO2 concentration at the cylinder does not guarantee the optimum outcome for your cells. Furthermore the use of flow based mixing systems, while a little less expensive provide far from consistent gas concentrations.

Microscope Heaters CO2 gas controllers only require 100% CO2. Additional gas supplies such as air or N2 are not necessary.

DP 2000 CO 2 STD

Designed to meet the CO2 requirements of a single microscope system, it features a long life internal pump. The Flow Rate is continuously variable, with a CO2 concentration range is 0.1-18%.


Designed for hypoxia studies, this system measures CO2 and O2 concentration within the sample area. Microprocessor based technology maintains CO2 concentration in the range 0-8% range is 0.1-20% and O2 concentration in the range 21% to 1.0%. Direct measurement in the sample area provides clear and obvious benefits over measuring gas concentrations at a distance.


  • High Performance NIRD CO2 detector used to monitor concentration.
  • Long life pump provides excellent gas delivery.
  • Microprocessor controlled concentration levels - No Guess work.
  • Only 100% CO2 gas supply required for full operation- No O2 or N2 required.

Sealed Inserts

As part of our gas controller range we have also designed a range of sealed inserts for industry standard motorised stages. Normal inserts are open and as a result cannot maintain when a desired CO2 concentration in the sample area.