Leica Microscope Incubation Systems

Leica Inverted Microscopes

Leica Microscope

Leica Stellaris System - Munich, Germany

Leica Microscope

Leica TCS SP8 FALCON - Finland

Leica Microscope

Leica Upright Andor Dragonfly

Leica Inverted Microscope Incubation Systems

Microscope Heaters support both the current Leica DMi8 as well as the DMi6000 range of inverted microscopes in wide field, as well as configurations compatible with the Leica SP5 and SP8 confocal systems.

Leica DMi8 Microscope Incubation Systems Variants

We have developed three designs based on customer requirements for the DMi8 microscope.Two of our designs go to the optical table, one is mounted directly onto the microscope.

Of the two designs that are table mounted, one is designed to allow the researcher greater access to the microscope by removing the main front panel of the incubation system. This is typically used in Super Resolution configurations. These systems have been designed to allow full access to the microscope controls without having to move any silicon flaps or open any doors, through the use of an internal panel.

The microscope mounted system is normally used either for wide field or spinning disk systems. Here, the emphasis is on keeping clear space around the base of the microscope for peripherals such as cameras, beam splitters etc. The Microscope Heaters Solution is mounted directly on the microscope, and does not require support poles. Combined with our internal heater technology this approach is the easiest to install system on the market.

Leica Microscope

Leica DMi8 SP8 Confocal - Southampton, England

Multiple System Configurations

The three system confugurations are available in either matt black (MB), clear (CL) or MB/CL, which is matt black with a clear front and blackout curtain.

Multiple System Configurations

Systems are available in either matt black (MB), clear (CL) or MB/CL, which is matt black with a clear front and blackout curtain. Zeiss systems are also available with our SuperSeal option (SUPSEAL).

Supported Microscopes:

  • Leica DMi8
  • Leica DMi6000
  • Leica Thunder Imaging
  • Leica Stellaris System | Leica Stellaris Incubation
  • SP5 SP8 Confocal Scanning Heads
  • Spinning Disk Configurations

Incubation System and Heater Thermal Specifications:

  • Temperature Range Ambient +1 oC to 42 oC
  • Temperature Stability ± 0.3 oC
  • Temperature Homogeneity ± 0.3 oC across the XY axis of a motorised stage system.
  • All measurements depend on the precise microscope and incubation system configuration, but are typical.