Microscope Incubation Systems
Whole Microscope Incubation Chambers​

We design and produce the first and only fan free, pipe free, vibration free whole microscope incubation chamber system. Stage top incubation, objective heaters, gas control and heater/cooler systems complete our range. Zeiss, Leica, Nikon and Olympus, PicoQuant Abberior, Cairn Research, 3i, with Super Resolution, Light Sheet, Confocal and Single Molecule Imaging modalities all utilise our advanced technology.

Cambridge, Oxford, London, Marseille, Paris, Heidelberg, Toronto, San Diego, are among major universities, and research facilities that use our equipment. Click learn more to find out more information.

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Zeiss Microscope Incubation Systems​

Microscope Heaters designs and manufactures a range of microscope incubation systems for Zeiss inverted microscopes. Systems are available for use with the Zeiss wide field, as well as the Zeiss 780 and 880 Confocal systems. The system stability of the Elyra Super Resolution Microscope can be enhanced by using our heaters to gently warm the system to 22oC.

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Leica Microscope Incubation Systems

Microscope Heaters support both the current Leica DMi8 as well as the DMi6000 range of inverted microscopes in wide field, as well as configurations compatible with the Leica SP5 and SP8 confocal systems.

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Olympus Microscope Incubation Systems

Microscope Heaters have designed and supplied incubation system onto several ranges of Olympus microscopes. This includes the Olympus TIRF system as well as Super Resolution systems based on the Olympus platform such as the Abberior STED Microscope.

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Nikon Microscope Incubation Systems

The Nikon Ti-2 microscope is available alongside the Ti-E microscope which is also available as a single or double layer microscope. Microscope Heaters Incubation are available for both of these systems.

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Andor, Crest, Witec & Abberior Microscope Incubation Systems

Microscope Heaters have designed bespoke microscope incubation systems compatible with a range of third party microscope equipment and microscope systems.

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Microscope Stage Top Incubation & Incubators
Stage Top Incubator Systems

All heated inserts & stage top incubation systems include independent temperature control over the insert and the glass top of the insert, and are sealed to maintain gas control. Combination systems are available with CO2 and CO2 - O2 controllers. Systems normally accept a 3mm OD flexible tube for gas delivery- other options are available.

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CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Gas Controllers
CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Gas Controller Systems​

A wide variety of cell systems, require a closely controlled CO2 concentration to maintain cell viability over extended periods. While it is possible to use 5% CO2 cylinders, these are expensive, bulky and provide limited flexibility in terms of the CO2 concentration range possible. Put simply 5% CO2 concentration at the cylinder does not guarantee the optimum outcome for your cells. Furthermore the use of flow based mixing systems, while a little less expensive provide far from consistent gas concentrations.

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Vibration Free Heating Incubators
Vibration Free Incubation Heaters​

Microscope Heaters Heater Systems have no moving parts- no fans to break down – no air filters to replace. As a result, our new Gen II systems have in excess of 80 equipment years in the field without a systems failure. Our vibration free heater systems provide the ultimate in system thermal homogeneity and stability.

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Customer References
Reviews from our Customers​

"We’ve been using the Microscope Heaters Objective Heater on our Perkin Elmer Spinning Disc/ Olympus IX-81 microscope with impressive results. Easy to fit and set up, Provides excellent thermostability during extended time course imaging at 37 oC."

Andrew Jefferson, Micron Imaging Facility, University of Oxford

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