Vibration Free Heating Incubators

Vibration Free Heaters for Microscope Incubation

Vibration Free Incubation

Our vibration free heater systems provide the ultimate in system thermal homogeneity and stability.

Is Vibration Free Operation Really So Important?

Is Vibration Free Operation Really So Important? Well an increasing number of scientists think so. Their experiments really demand it. For more demanding techniques, such as Super Resolution Microscopy, electrophysiology, tweezer experiments or simply using a x60 or x100 objective- the removal of this complication has obvious advantages!

On the other hand, in any kind of microscopy, it is really one less thing to worry about with numerous side benefits.

Better Focus Stability

Most fan based systems warm the sample area by blowing warm air into the environmental incubation system- once the system detects a drop in temperature. This method is a second order control mechanism relying on the system making an educated guess as to the power requirements of the heater, and then has to factor in the rate of air flow in the system. This leads to well documented oscillations in the temperature at the sample, which can result in reduced cell viability as well as increased focus drift.

Microscope Heaters Heaters, on the other hand, gently warm the sample area from both sides and as a result reach a steady state equilibrium with a steady flow of heat into the sample area. The result better microscope stability- less focus drift!

How can I be sure that the temperature across my 96 well dish is constant?

The only way that we can think of is by gently warming the sample area from both sides, across the width of the sample area. Microscope Heaters achieve this by using multiple heaters. In tests, the temperature measured from one edge of a typical 96 or 24 well dish is constant to within the accuracy of a P100 sensor! If you blow hot air across a sample area- the physics of the situation lead to thermal gradients across the sample area.

Wider Temperature Range- Is it Important?

Most Microscope Heater systems can only provide any thermal accuracy when the required temperature is 4-6oC above the ambient temperature. There is a minimum amount of heat that they can put into the system. Microscope Heaters Heater systems confidently cope with anything from 1oC above ambient to up to 50oC depending on the system configuration. This allows a wider range of samples to be studied- especially important when you have invested heavily in the latest microscope technology. Especially important for Core Facilities.

Reliability Really Is Important!

Microscope Heaters Heater Systems have no moving parts- no fans to break down - no air filters to replace. As a result, our new Gen II systems have in excess of 80 equipment years in the field without a systems failure - not one has broken down! This means much less down time on your time lapse system.


  • Vibration Free Operation - No fans required - Better Reliability.
  • Internal Heaters - Reduced Sample Contamination - Reduced Optical Contamination.
  • Dual Heaters - Reduced Temperature Gradients Enhanced Homogeneity Across the Sample.
  • Wider Temperature Range- Ambient through to 45 oC - Wider Range of Samples Not Possible with other Systems.
  • Small Equipment Footprint No Messy Tubes or Pipes.
  • Large Area Incubation Available.
  • Greener, Cleaner Technology -
    • Power Usage 60% less than fan based systems.
    • Less dirty air, cleaner optics.