Microscope Stage Top Incubation & Incubators‚Äč

Stage Top Incubator Systems

Stage Top Incubator Systems

All heated inserts & stage top incubation systems include independent temperature control over the insert and the glass top of the insert, and are sealed to maintain gas control. Combination systems are available with CO2 and CO2 - O2 controllers. Systems normally accept a 3mm OD flexible tube for gas delivery- other options are available.

Microscope Incubation Chamber

Designed for applications such as patch clamp or perfusion studies where access to the sample is essential, this system boasts a dual temperature control configuration. It controls the temperature of the heated insert, and optionally controls the temperature of media entering the sample area.

Intravital Microscopy Imaging System

Designed for whole animal viability during extended imaging experiments the system boasts two independent temperature control channels. The first controls a heated insert, the second a heated blanket. Combined with a third independent temperature monitoring system, this solution has been shown time and time again to provide the best results. Compatible with a wide range of motorised microscopes, this system is used on many two-photon experimental systems.

A removable insert in the heating assembly, and titanium windows completes the system solution.

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