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Olympus Inverted Microscope Incubation Systems IX81, IX71, IX73 and IX83

Microscope Heaters have designed and supplied incubation system onto several ranges of Olympus microscopes. This includes the Olympus TIRF system as well as Super Resolution systems based on the Olympus platform such as the Abberior STED Microscope.

Our design is mounted on the microscope to provide full access to the removable optical components on the microscope chassis. Our designs are compatible with both the single and double layer variants of the new Olympus inverted microscope range.

Multiple System Configurations Systems are available in either matt black (MB), clear(CL) or MB/CL which is matt black with a clear front and blackout curtain. Incubation system configurations are available for both the IX73, and IX83 with either one optical train (1TR) or two optical trains (2TR).

Supported Microscopes:

  • Olympus IX71 IX71
  • Olympus IX71 IX81
  • Olympus IX73 IX83

Incubation System and Heater Thermal Specifications:

  • Temperature Range Ambient +1 oC to 42 oC
  • Temperature Stability ± 0.3 oC
  • Temperature Homogeneity ± 0.3 oC across the XY axis of a motorised stage system.
  • All measurements depend on the precise microscope and incubation system configuration, but are typical.
Olympus Microscope

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