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Zeiss LSM 880 Microscope Incubation

Zeiss LSM 800 Microscope Incubation

Zeiss Inverted Microscope Incubation Systems

Microscope Heaters design and manufacture a range of microscope incubation systems for Zeiss inverted microscopes. Our vibration free heater systems provide the ultimate in system thermal homogeneity and stability. Systems are available for use with the Zeiss wide field, as well as the Zeiss 780 and 880 Confocal systems. The system stability of the Elyra Super Resolution Microscope can be enhanced by using our heaters to gently warm the system to 22 oC.

SuperSealTM System

Designed for researchers at the University of Heidelberg, the application demanded that full access to a multi well dish was required, in order to add a drug when certain points in the cell cycle were reached. However full CO2 control in the sample area is essential to maintaining cell viability. Our unique Enhanced Sealing Technology provides CO2 control within the whole incubation.

Great Ergonomics

The top of the incubation is directly connected to the transmitted light column of the Zeiss inverted systems, so getting access to the sample area is simple and easy. Removable panels provide easy access to cameras and other peripherals. The incubation is directly supported on the microscope, thus providing uninterrupted clear space around the microscope for system peripherals, beam splitters, multiple camera configurations etc.

Extended Temperature Range - Great Thermal Homogeneity

Our advanced heater technology removes conventional system limitations, by providing temperature control even close to ambient temperature. This makes the system ideal for multiple applications including Xenopus, Zebrafish and Drosophila studies, and of course mammalian studies. Our dual heater systems gently warm your sample area from both sides reducing and eliminating thermal gradients.

Zeiss Microscope

Zeiss 780 Confocal Grenoble, France

Zeiss Confocal Incubation

Thermal Control for Enhanced System Stability

The extended temperature range of Microscope Heaters heater systems allows them to be used to stabilise microscope systems such as the Elyra Super Resolution Microscope can be enhanced by using our heaters to by gently warming the system to 22 oC.

Multiple System Configurations

Systems are available in either matt black (MB), clear (CL) or MB/CL, which is matt black with a clear front and blackout curtain. Zeiss systems are also available with our SuperSeal option (SUPSEAL).

Supported Microscopes

  • Zeiss 200M
  • Observer Range
  • LSM 800/880 Elyra
  • Please enquire about other microscope types.

Incubation System and Heater Thermal Specifications:

  • Temperature Range Ambient +1 oC to 42 oC
  • Temperature Stability ± 0.3 oC
  • Temperature Homogeneity ± 0.3 oC across the XY axis of a motorised stage system.
  • All measurements depend on the precise microscope and incubation system configuration, but are typical.